Music Messenger Seal

Thanks for your patience while we are in the process of creating the Music Messenger Seal. We would like to build awareness of, and identify, albums that intentionally create a safe haven from negative lyrics and harsh frequencies. The Music Messenger Seal will be a fast track identification process for highly sensitive people looking for music that offers a higher vibration.


Music Messengers build songs with impeccable lyrics. Music Messengers know the power of their creations to uplift or destroy. Music Messengers attempt to raise the consciousness of humanity. The Music Messenger Seal was formed to encourage singers and songwriters to become Music Messengers and to build songs that adhere to this code.

We encourage you to become a Music Messenger. Know the power of your words. Build songs with impeccable lyrics. Raise the consciousness of your listener. Be responsible with your creations.


To qualify for the Music Messenger Seal, submissions must meet the following criteria:


All songs on the compilation or album must:

• Have lyrics and subject matter that focus on the positive aspects of life

• Use affirming, empowering, and fun language to convey their message or story

• Offer a solution or a way through the maze of duality

• Induce a feeling of well being or enthusiasm

• Be well crafted both lyrically and musically


The overall compilation or album must:

• Resonate with joy

• Share a wisdom or teach us something

• Make us smile

• Evoke a sense of expansion or awakening

• Be produced and mastered with high sound quality

• Include a minimum of 8 songs

• Achieve musical excellence


The singer(s) must:

• Be easy to listen to

• Give a clear and strong vocal performance

• Inhabit a sense of knowing or wisdom

• Be trustworthy as a teacher

• Be able to access joy and playfulness


All artists must:

• Pay a $65.00 submission fee

(We are in the process of completing this page. Thanks for your patience!)


Thanks for joining this joyful movement!